About us and how we can help you

This page is about us and how we can help you, to manage your projects and make you more effective as as a project practitioner. Having an extensive project management career, means we can provide you with the short cut answers to many of the day to day project management issues. The main issue is we operate individually, with little interaction with other professional project managers

From this series of project manager online podcasts, you will learn how to manage a project, within its environment and operating context. How to set up project management planning and scheduling software. Manage resources, such as people, materials and machinery. This knowledge will apply to any project manager, from any industry. Whether you are new to the industry or not so new, these podcasts will present ideas, techniques and methods, which have tested in the heat of real project delivery

You learn to manage the primary stakeholders and communicate effectively with your teams and subcontractors

Allan is a project manager with over 15 years experience of digital project and programme management delivery. Allan has worked in a number of different industries, such as Finance, Telecommunications, the NHS, faster payments banking, commercial insurance, not for profit organisations, project management consultancy and was a freelance project manager, with 11 years of higher education University experience, teaching, both full time and part time project management students.

Allan was awarded an MSc in Project Management with Merit. He is a Fellow of the Association for Project Management – FAPM, a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute – FCMI and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy – FHEA. He has been a speaker at conferences in the UK and for the PMI in Portugal

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